The new 2020 'Back to Nature Collection' with low chemical plant-based formulation.

  • A Low Chemical nail polish with 75% plant origin.
  • Application and Wear Performance maintained
  • New flat brush for effortless application
  • Vegan and 11 FREE
  • CATMINT - A bewitching grey lavender
  • FOREST - A got-to-have-it brown
  • FOXGLOVE - Soft and subdued, an elegant clay pink
  • PEONY - Petal perfect, a warm and elegant dusky pink
  • SNAPDRAGON - A coral pink that dances with colour
  • WHITE SAGE - Soft grey, mysterious like morning mist
The Back To Nature Collection
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Catmint *NEW*

A bewitching grey-lavender nail polish.

Forest *NEW*

A got-to-have-it brown nail polish.

Foxglove *NEW*

A subtle, clay pink cream nail polish.

Peony *NEW*

An earthy, delicate pink cream nail polish.

Snapdragon *NEW*

A creamy, bright, coral pink nail polish.

White Sage *NEW*

Soft grey cream nail polish, mysterious like morning mist.